Beauty is in everything.

We all want happiness. True. But without failure and sadness, we can’t feel the importance of happiness . It is important to expose ourselves with sadness to know what happiness is.

Just like this flower, life has two different colours. If one of them does not exist, then it would not be as beautiful as it is!


What is reality?

Dreams create opportunities. If we will not dare to dream, life would be aimless. But sometimes ‘reality’ is what creates barrier. What is reality? Are we interpreting it in the right way?

Reality is the truth of life. The truth that we often assume has limits. People say “Dont live in dreams. See the reality.” But don’t you think dreams are the first page of our lives?

Yes, it is not only important to imagine but also to work hard for it. Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Nelson Mandela and plenty of names which we see hovering on the headlines are not because they lived in the assumed reality, but because they dared to dream.

This click demonstrates my idea. The darkness is the negative energy within us that is because of the misassumption of life and the lamp is the hope that let us find the right direction of Reality.

The dependent branches

This picture depicts almost every person’s life situation nowadays.

We have a tendency to help everyone. But this good habit of ours pushes us to the failure well most of the time.

We help people forgetting the limits just to make sure that he or she doesn’t get hurt if we refuse. The situation comes to such an extent that the person becomes totally dependant on you. And after sometime, a stage comes when that same person succeeds you and you will find yourself in the same old place which will result in diminishing your identity.

So we should not help anyone, no matter who he or she is. We should know the limits so that your identity is not harmed.

The right time!

The tree is standing still

Though its a hard time for him

No leaves, no support

But he is not broken

He know when the autumn is over

New leaves will come again

Because he know patience is essential to gain

We face hard time too Aren’t we?

But should stand still just like the tree!